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Synthesis of Labeled Compounds

Stable isotope labeled compounds and their derivatives play an irreplaceable role in many areas of research and applications as a unique tracer. In  medical diagnosis and research of medicine, agriculture, environment, geology, stable isotope labeled compounds and their derivatives are used widely. When studying the synthesis of stable isotope labeled compounds,  different sythetical methods should be adopted due to the different type and location of labeled stable isotopes and starting materials. In order to obtain a higher conversion rate of stable isotopes and the production of labeled compounds, the unconventional synthesis methods are studied, and adopt special reagents are used. Microbial fermentation method, enzymatic conversion method, chemical synthesis method,organic synthesis method, or a combination of the above methods are the more common used methods for production of labeled compounds.

     Labeled compounds have a variety of compounds, including 13C-methacetion,18O-H2O and their medical diagnosis reagents;  the labeled compounds needed in the research of medical,agriculture,environment; the labeled amino acid applied in the research of protein and amino acid metabolism; labeled carbohydrate used in the study of dextrose metabolism; labeled fatty acid of lipolysis; labeled protection amino acids,labled medium,RNA/DNA labeled products, labeled hormone,labeled protein and other NMR products; The center provides the service of research and manufacture the given labeled compounds as the customers’demand.